Updating Your Information

Need to update your information on file? Address, phone number, or a code word. Log on to your online banking to take care of it today! This video will walk you through the process.

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General Notice to the Membership - September 18, 2018

Credit Union Resources is assisting your credit union in conducting a verification of member accounts. A verification of members’ accounts is being performed as of September 30, 2018. All members should receive a statement. If you do not receive your statement, please contact: Credit Union Resources, Inc. Financial and Technology Resources P.O. Box 655147 Dallas,…


Attend a Seminar on Social Security and Your Retirement - September 1, 2018

Regardless of when you plan to retire, Social Security will likely be an important part of the road ahead. But many individuals don’t realize there are options to consider when it comes to collecting Social Security. The decisions you make now could help you get more out of your benefits. Are you looking for more…


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