BEAR Necessities

HCFCU’s Guiding Coalition focused its community involvement on increasing the BARE necessities for our children in the BEAR program. BE A Resource helps supply Harris County children with many needs. Our Guiding Coalition wants to help highlight the everyday struggles and work to increase attention plus donations for this segment.

BEAR Necessities operates two main BEAR rooms in Harris County. Both provide emergency supplies all year round for children who are under the supervision of Child Protective Services (CPS). BEAR Necessities offers clothing, shoes, diapers, car seats, air mattresses and more to meet the immediate needs of children. Last year alone, BEAR provided over 14,000 children with resources through this program. BEAR’s goal is to provide comfort children during uncertain times.

Sometimes, the difference between a child who goes to school and one who doesn’t is a pair of shoes, a notebook and pencil. Sometimes, the difference between an infant who is healthy and one who isn’t is formula, clean diapers, lotions and powders — BEAR ensures that these children will not have to go another day without things that we all take for granted.

We love to Help – so here is how you can assist:

  • Take a look at GC’s Bear Necessities supply request list here.
  • Learn more about the Bear Necessities program from their website here.
  • HCFCU members can donate monetary donations through their memberships by contacting the credit union. We give all funds at the end of the year to all our HCFCUcares special causes.
  • You can directly donate monetary donations to the cause by visiting their online form here.
  • You can buy directly from BEAR’s Amazon Wish list by visiting here.