How To Enter Your Account & Routing Numbers For Direct Deposits and Electronic Payments

Make sure your direct deposits and electronic payments are correctly set up with these simple steps!

We want to help you ensure that you set up your direct deposit or electronic payments using your HCFCU routing and account numbers without any delays. When entering your account number during setup, the account must be 10-digits long. To get there, simply add a 0 in front of your member number and the 3-digit suffix at the end (this designates the appropriate account type as your 10-digit account number). The 3-digit suffix can be found on your HCFCU statement next to the account you want to use for setting up your payment or direct deposit.

 For example, Member # 123456 wants to set up an electronic payment or direct deposit for their checking account. To get the full 10-digit member number, add 0 in front and the suffix050 as designated on the statement for the checking account. Enter 0123456050 as the account number.       

The HCFCU routing transit number is: 313083471 and can always be found on HCFCU’s website, at the bottom of the home page.