What better way to kick off the New Year than by giving back to our biggest fans? A credit union is only as strong as its members and at HCFCU we believe we are not just strong, we are MEMBERstrong! This year we are showing member appreciation by giving back to our current members by hosting a member appreciation day on Friday, February 8th starting at 6:45 am. The credit union lobby will not be open, and details how to collect are below:

ONE STOP TO COLLECT IT ALL! All gifts will be awarded on a first come, first served basis beginning at 6:45 AM when we will open the turnstile door, for members to enter and collect their item until the items run out.

  1. An HCFCU T-Shirt (XS – 4XL)
  2. An HCFCU tote bag & this will contain all the giveaway items including an HCFCU card wallet, 22 oz flip lid shaker, member discount coupons, & pen. 9 bags contain a “Golden Ticket” redeemable for a cash prize.

We understand getting downtown can be hard and that a credit union visit might be difficult for you on a Friday. So this year we’re taking the show on the road with our CUatWork Program. Select county departments will be visited to have their chance at receiving these items. We chose randomly over the many that we’ve partnered with on this program and next year will choose different locations. Giveaway items are limited to one prize gift per member present, per day. We can not save items, and will not allow for other members to pick up items for another.

Each year this event gets bigger and bigger. We love being able to shower you with gifts and prizes, and as this event grows it requires another level of cooperation. In an effort to keep the event organized and have members moving through smoothly, please note the following: The giveaway line will begin at the first door closest to the Austin Street side of the building, lining up nicely against the wall, and through the breezeway. PLEASE HAVE YOUR MEMBER ID CARD READY FOR MEMBER VERIFICATION PRIOR TO OPENING DOORS. Memberships will be verified for this special members-only event, please have your member id ready.

Members looking to perform CU business may enter at 7:30 when the branch officially opens, entering through the door closest to the La Branch side of the building, and will not be able to circumvent the line for giveaways. Ideally, the giveaways will be complete by the time our doors open for regular business. Members looking to receive an item, AND handle CU business should line up in the giveaway line first and after you receive your item we will gladly assist you in handling all your CU business.