What better way to kick off the New Year than by giving back to our biggest fans? A credit union is only as strong as its members, and at HCFCU, we believe we are not just strong; we are MEMBERstrong! This year, we show member appreciation by giving back to our current members by hosting member appreciation all throughout the month of February.

MEMBERstrong 2021
If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we’re stronger together. So, we want to send out hope messages and remind people of how much we care. There are still so many that could use some help right now, and we know our members have the stories! So, let’s hear them. We’re asking members to share their own inspirational stories of perseverance through tough times that we can share to encourage everyone else. We’re also asking for your help to find those that still need additional support, whether it’s groceries, some gasoline to get to the next destination, or something else – HCFCU cares and wants to assist. Because of this focus, MEMBERstrong will look a little different this year.

We extended our Message Campaign!

We want to continue our giveaways and demonstrate our belief that we are stronger together, so we will be sending out special MEMBERstrong Care packages to our members, which are first responders, essential employees, and critical County departments. We will be looking for moments to partner with some local small businesses and restaurants to help us take great care of our #STRONGmembers. Be on the lookout for your care package because it holds a card with details on how to obtain extra entries for sweepstakes of these special giveaways! We will also have other online giveaway opportunities beginning 3/8/21!

HCFCU Employees Included
We have completely re-worked the way we serve you in the branch and digitally and have been able to keep our doors open through it all. We’ve gone more digital, and that means we don’t get to see you all as often anymore. So we’re asking you to send a message of care and hope to our staff. Share your story of when an employee showed exceptional care and helped provide a little hope for you. Maybe you can help give a glimmer of hope with your story about our efforts to help make your day a bit brighter.

HCFCU Members:
1. Send a message of care and hope to both Members and our staff before March 15th.
2. Paint the full story of who, why, how, when, and where the magic happens:

  • Tell us about a member who can use some inspiration of hope due to recent events or let us know about the staff members who might have helped you.
  • Tell us about a moment of inspiration due to care provided by another.
  • Tell us about your essential employees on our front lines & necessary to everyday services.
  • Provide a message of hope, letting us know about struggles endured and overcome.
  • We’re also asking for your help to find those that still need some additional assistance.

When you submit your message about a #STRONGmember – you enter them into an opportunity to be recognized and assisted with items ranging from food delivery services, electronic devices, grocery gift cards, and much more. You enter yourself into a raffle to win an assortment of HCFCU branded items. There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit, but only one major Care package per individual.


Is there MEMBERstrong giveaways?

Sort of, those are the MS Care packages mentioned. We will also host giveaway opportunities to our members through social media channels, email, online banking center messages, and direct contact through membership information.

We will give away some of our awesome archived Tote bags from MEMERstrong past and more. Keep a lookout all of February. Online begins 3/08!

MEMBERstrong Care Packages?

We want to continue to demonstrate our belief that we are stronger together, we will be sending out special MEMBERstrong giveaway items to our members which are first responders, essential employees, and special county departments. Be on the lookout for yours because it holds a card with details on how to gain extra entries for some of these special giveaways!

What about the MEMBERstrong T-Shirts?

We will draw some of our essential stories throughout February to receive a special surprise from a  #MEMBERstrong Care package, local restaurant delivery in the area, or a T-shirt! We will look to these stories to see if anything HCFCU could do to help them a bit further.

This is why we’re asking for your help to find those that still need some additional assistance. Whether it’s groceries, lunch or breakfast delivery, or a computer - we want to know!

Who can submit a story?

Any current Member of Harris County Federal Credit Union, HCFCU employees, Harris County employees, Retired Harris County employees, and Harris County First Responders. We want to hear from everyone, but entries submitted about another individual or completing our form is age restricted to 13 years or older.

  • Non-member entries are allowed into the drawing; however, limited to receiving HCFCU branded items or gift cards related to food delivery services. Drawing winners are qualified for membership opportunities after providing selection notice.

*All HCFCU standard drawings exclude entries related to credit union employees, family members related to employees, and all volunteers.*

What information should I provide?

We want to hear a message where an employee or individual showed exceptional care to another, or maybe an instance where an individual could use a message of hope! Send a note to encourage others what they're doing matters, makes a difference, and how it helps you. We're always stronger together. This includes sending a shining sweet treat to our Firemen, EMS, and Police but also those janitorial staff and tellers who help keep us stocked and sanitized throughout the days. Let's hear about the colleague who had a rough year but overcame the hurdles.

The form requires the Full name of your nominee, do not use nicknames. We must be able to verify the individual memberships if drawn. Your contact information will be required to follow up with any additional questions, or if YOU win a drawing item!

Is there a Deadline?

We're collecting stories all month of February, MARCH 31st, but we ask you to get the important ones in before March 15th.

We will begin sending gifts and giveaways through the end of March. So keep an eye on your email, online banking message center, or social media for an opportunity to obtain some items. The last day for a raffle drawing entry is 3/31/2021.

I don't have a story! How can I enter?

We understand you've been pretty good, and there is no one you've observed or know that experienced hardships. Awesome! You can still submit some encouraging words to our essential employees, first responders, & essential members of the credit union. You enter yourself in the raffle to win an assortment of HCFCU branded items.

Where do I go to submit a story?

We're glad you asked. Please go here to submit the form and follow the redirect instructions to complete our raffle entry page! That is all needed to submit someone else & yourself for a message of hope and care.