Updating Your Information

Need to update your information on file? Address, phone number, or a code word. Log on to your online banking to take care of it today! This video will walk you through the process.

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Debit Card Usage Promotion - July 3, 2018

Use your debit card from July 1 – August 31, 2018, and automatically enter yourself into this drawing from CU*Answers. Click the link below the image for the full contest rules and information on the drawing. Click here for full contest_rules.

How College Students Can Start Establishing Credit - June 30, 2018

College is a time for many firsts: living away from home, meeting different people and learning new things. It’s also a time to start setting yourself up for financial success after graduation. Begin by establishing credit. Why it’s Important Having good credit helps you rent an apartment, get a loan or mortgage and even get…


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