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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Here is a list of the things we will need to process your GAP claim.

  • The settlement check & the total loss worksheet from the Insurance Company.
    • The worksheet should include the Year, Make & Model of Vehicle, Mileage of vehicle including the Type of Loss and Date of Loss.
  • If you have an extended warranty on the loan, we do have to file for a refund on that and will post to the loan before filing the Gap claim.

Additional questions should be directed to your Loan Officer, your insurance company should fax the claims to our office at 713-755-8982.

CU Members Mortgage

If you are a current member and have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we are here to help!

If your property has sustained damage, please review our Insurance Claims Packet for documentation required for us to endorse an insurance claim check. For other assistance, please contact us through secure message by logging in to your account at

Members that have not setup an online account for their mortgage may call 800-937-6001.