Username Changes for Online and Mobile Banking

Attention HCFCU Online and Mobile Banking Users!

We want to inform you of an upcoming change which will affect how members sign in to It’sMe247 and mobile banking. All HCFCU members who currently use their member number as a username will be required to create a new, unique username by December 15th.

Your security is our top priority and this change will help keep your member number safe by limiting its input online. Members can easily change their usernames online or by using the HCFCU mobile app following these simple steps.

*If you are already using a created username, this change will not affect your sign in process.

Mobile Banking App Instructions:

It’sMe247 Online Banking Instructions:

This change helps better protect your personal information and HCFCU is here to help support you in this process. If you have questions or require assistance, please contact us at 713-755-5160.