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Serving the Underserved

HFB-TransparentLogo2It’s the credit union way to serve the underserved in our community. That’s why Harris County Federal Credit Union is hosting a food drive to benefit the Houston Food Bank. This year we are looking to surpass the previous year in total pounds donated. If we are going to do this, we will need your help! You can help by donating items from the “most needed” list to HCFCU’s holiday food drive, or by giving funds to help the Houston Food Bank. We’re offering members who donate a chance to win some cash, which will be determined by the total weight donated at the end of the period. Donations are being accepted between October 31st and November 30th. Drawing winner will be contacted the first week of December and all members will be notified of the total donation amount.
Members can drop off their donation and pick up a ticket* for a chance to win! Prize money is based on grand total donation weight.
1. >100 lbs $10 gift card
2. >200 lbs $25 gift card
3. >300 lbs $50 gift card
4. >400 lbs $100 gift card

The food bank can provide many nutritious meals to people in need, just $1 donated equals 3 meals for someone in need. There is no limit to the amount of items donated and staff will also participate by donating items and volunteering time. Drop your non-perishable food items off to the front desk and become a hero to the thousands of people in Southeast Texas who struggle daily with where their next meal will come from.

*HCFCU is not responsible for lost, illegible, damaged or stolen tickets. Members should write their Member number on the ticket prior to placing into box, & keep the other portion; we will use your member profile contact info to contact drawing winners. Winners will be contacted via phone or email within the first business week of December. No purchase necessary to enter drawing, any member wishing to be entered into drawing should mail an entry request to: Marketing at 1400 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002; no electronic requests will be accepted. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received at end of period; value of winnings depend on total amount donated to Houston Food Bank, per their scale & receipt.


download A big thank you is in order to all of our members who rally together for all the great causes we present. Whether it is food donations, toys for the holidays, or animal related our members always seem to step up and donate. We are proud to serve the most loving and caring bunch of members and we appreciate your generosity.

Last month during our auto loan promotion we hosted special drive-in days in our lobby. We offered Members the opportunity to enjoy a nice lunch break while donating to a great cause. Members who visited early enjoyed a hot dog, coke float and a soda for only $0.65! Two lobby days were held and our members responded so well that both events sold out of everything within the hour! 1951 pricing never tasted this good, especially when you get to keep the cool color changing cup and donate to fight hunger. We raised over $225 from Members’ donations and the Credit Union matched the donation to be given to the Houston Food Bank. header-FBOYThe Houston Food bank provides food to many in need and they offered this amazing story to share, with you,

You’ve already made a huge difference in the lives of single mom Jennifer and her four children, Anai, 13, Juan, 11, Anthony, 6 and Brandon, 5. Jennifer knows how important providing her kids with healthy food is to their educational and physical development. Even with a stable job, she still struggles to bring in enough income to meet all their needs, let alone buy fresh, nutritious food.

Fortunately, friends like you and I help families like Jennifer’s every day. Thanks to our gift Jennifer will be able to take home healthy groceries from Northwest Assistance Ministries, a Food Bank partner agency near her home.

Jennifer is so grateful for all the nutritious groceries that she and her family receive. She explains that for the last two weeks of each month, they would have nothing, if not for this assistance. “I’d be stressed out – crying at night. Thank God there’s a place like this.”

Thanks to your generosity Jennifer can focus on spending more quality time with her kids instead of worrying about if they have enough to eat. We’re bringing hope in the form of food to so many of our neighbors in need. We fight for the hungry and the underserved. Just $1 can be enough for 3 meals for a hungry child, senior or adult. Thank you again to our members who always participate in our efforts along with those who donate and give back to local organizations everyday.

Next month, July, we’re looking to do a similar campaign with our Hot Dog Days of Summer. Keep an eye out for our Monthly eNewsletters that are sent via Constant Contact. Click here to subscribe.

HCFCU Food Drive

Harris County Federal Credit Union is collecting food for the Houston Food Bank. You can help through donating to HCFCU’s holiday food drive, or by giving funds to help the Houston Food Bank. This year we are looking to help feed you too, and for every 5 non-perishable items donated, you gain 1 entry into our restaurant gift card giveaway. You feed others, and we’ll feed you with a restaurant gift card. There is no limit to entries, so give as much as you like beginning October 26th until November 20th. A Drawing will be held and the winner(s) will be announced on Monday, November 23rd.

HCFCU staff is participating by donating food items, volunteering at the warehouse, and donating money. The credit union will host a food drive and match the efforts of employee contributions by donating additional money to the program. From now until November 20th you can drop off non-perishable food items to help become a hero to the thousands of people in Southeast Texas who struggle daily with where their next meal will come from.