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Shred Opportunity

Securely Shred Your Personal Items with HCFCU

Harris County Federal Credit Union will provide the opportunity for the community to use our resources to securely dispose of items you wouldn’t want others to get their hands on. Bring your financial documents, old statements, tax returns or other personal items you want to securely shred.

It costs nothing but is limited to paper documents.  Bring your items to the site of this year’s Annual Meeting at 607 E. Whitney Drive, Houston, TX 77022 on March 27th. The shred truck will be on-site beginning at 3:30 PM until 5:30 PM. If you also plan to attend the Annual Meeting, doors will not open until 5:30 pm. For questions contact HCFCU at 713-755-5160 or fraud@hcfcu.com.