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Year-End Promotions

THE END IS NEAR! Prepare for your winter months with some warm offers from your Credit Union! HCFCU members have numerous ways to win extra money this season while adding convenience & accessibility to your membership. Learn all the ways here, plus ways to contribute to charitable causes! Continue reading

New Card Breaches in the News

We are always working to keep members informed and up to date on the latest developments in payment card security and data breaches. As technology advances, so do the cons, hackers, and thieves. New ways of obtaining consumer data and payment card information continue to be identified, even with the implementation of EMV. Continue reading

Debit Card Fraud Notifications

Debit Card fraud just became a bit easier to fight with HCFCU. Introducing, Card Alert Notifications, sent to members via text messaging or via a phone call to your primary number on your account. Save “33748” into your phone’s contact list, along with “877-230-3179” to be displayed as HCFCU Auto Notices.

Continue reading