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New Card Breaches in the News

We are always working to keep members informed and up to date on the latest developments in payment card security and data breaches. As technology advances, so do the cons, hackers, and thieves. New ways of obtaining consumer data and payment card information continue to be identified, even with the implementation of EMV. Continue reading


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Last Updated: 01/18/18 – 8:35 AM 

Audio Response: (713) 755-5160 Option 1 or  (888) 854-8851
Lost or Stolen Credit Card: (800) 442-4757
Lost or Stolen Debit Card: (866) 664-9364
Debit Card Fraud Dept: (800) 889-5280
Debit Card Disputes Dept: (800) 808-6402

Make your Credit Card payments online with GoToMyCard, click here to register.
Or call 800-442-4757 to make payments using an automated phone service.

Make your HCFCU loan payments online with ePay (when using other Financial Institutions)!

Use our Online Bill Pay service to pay all your bills, conduct account to account transfers, or send peer-to-peer payments.