Protect While on Vacation

Guard yourself against fraud while on vacation with some everyday services. Vacation season is here! And although the pandemic may have altered your original plans, you still may be putting together a summer getaway. 

picture of beach

Maybe you are planning a weekend at the beach, a road trip across the country, or possibly a journey to a faraway land. Wherever you go, it is crucial to protect your finances while you’re away from home. 

When traveling, you want to be able to access your money in the safest, most convenient way so you can enjoy your time and relax. The best way to protect yourself and your money is to stay connected with your credit union. 

When you let Harris County Federal Credit Union know that you’re traveling, we’ll be able to note your account, so transactions you made with your debit card or credit card will be accepted on your trip. Staying connected to your account while you’re away can help avoid unexpected charges & the inconvenience of dispute.

Our mobile app and online banking make it easy to check and verify transactions. The app can provide you with push notifications for every debit card swipe or even help prevent debit card transactions from occurring! Remember to use a secured Wi-Fi connection when looking at any financial accounts.

To enroll in online banking, please contact us today!