Mobile App Usage

Win some cash for logging in to your online banking via our Mobile App!

Members are entered every time they log in for a chance to win some cash! (4) $100 monthly winners and (9) $50 weekly winners will be selected! Contest period begins January 27th and ends on March 30th. 

Download our mobile app today from the Apple or Google play store, and log in.

If you’re not enrolled in online banking – contact us today. 


Weekly Prize Drawings as follows:

  1. February 3rd (January 27th – February 2nd) 2571 unique entries, (8501 logins); Misty R. ($50)
  2. February 10th (February 3rd – February 9th) 2649 unique entries, (8786 logins); 1 winner ($50)
  3. February 17th (February 10th – February 16th) 2602 unique entries (8815 logins) Karye B ($50)
  4. February 24th (February 17th – February 23rd) 2694 unique entries (9555 logins) Bertha D ($50)
  5. March 3rd (February 24th – March 2nd) 2877 unique entries (8413 logins) Monique G ($50)
  6. March 10th (March 3rd – March 9th) 2805 unique entries (7495 logins) Jose S ($50)
  7. March 17th (March 10th – March 16th) 2936 unique entries (11123 logins) Gracie G ($50)
  8. March 24th (March 17th – March 23rd) 3012 unique entries (11201 logins) Tricia W ($50)
  9. March 31st (March 24th – March 30th) 2877 unique entries (10767 logins) Doris W ($50)

Monthly Prize Drawings as follows:

  1. March 1st (February Entries) Darren R & Felicia B ($100)
  2. April 1st (March Entries) Jennifer R & Matthew B ($100)

How to Enter and Qualify:

Log in to your online banking through our mobile app during any of the weekly periods to be entered into our $50 drawing. One winner will be selected, each week per entry period. The number of entries depends on the total number of eligible members logging in during the weekly period. One entry per member number, the member must be over 18 years of age, with an active and in good standing membership.

Every member who logs in during February 1st – 28th will be entered into our February $100 monthly drawing, and members who log in during March 1st – 31st will be entered into our March $100 drawing. All member logins will be counted throughout the month, the chance of winning depends on the total number of entries. Entries are the total number of logins made during the time period by all eligible members.

HCFCU staff, volunteers, committee members, board members, and the family members of HCFCU staff and or volunteers, are not eligible for any HCFCU drawing. All drawings require members to have an active membership in good standing unless otherwise stated prizes are awarded to members over the age of 18.