ePay is Here!

girl at computerePay is the electronic loan payment service from Harris County Federal Credit Union!  If you are tired of mailing in your loan payment each month, it is HERE!  With ePay, you can make a payment on most of your loans with the click of a mouse.  For first time users, all you will need to do is register with your account number (member number and loan number). For returning members simply log in with your username and password to make a payment using a debit card, credit card, or checking or savings account from another financial institution. Navigate to the eServices tab or click here to register and start clicking!

Use ePay to make payments on all of your HCFCU loans with the exception of credit cards and mortgages. All new loans will be available for payment within one business day.  ePay has been established to give members more payment options for their HCFCU loans.

If you want to make payments to your HCFCU loans using your HCFCU checking or savings account you can use HCFCU online banking or sign up for a PayrollDeductionAgreement.

ePay is easy to use and any payments made from a checking or savings account from another institution will not be subject to a fee. Payments can be made to your HCFCU loans using Visa, and MasterCard. A small convenience fee may apply for those members using a non-HCFCU debit or credit card. This fee will vary depending on your loan amount and a fee schedule is posted for reference.

For other information please visit our ePay page for Frequently Asked Questions.