Share Draft Change

Open and Save + Enroll to Win = Earn Some Change.

Open a new share draft account during December with payroll or direct deposit and enroll in some everyday services for a $25 deposit.*

*Share Draft Change Offer Details:

▲ $25 Share Draft Change
     ❐ Online Banking, ATM/Debit Card, eStatements, Bill Pay, & Direct Deposit – To qualify for this offer the member must meet all terms within 30 days of account opening. The direct deposit or payroll deposit must be for a $100 per month or more and hit within 60 days of account opening. The change is deposited into the account when the first payroll or direct deposit hits.

▲ 60 Day Pass for Minimum Balance Requirement
     ❐ Payroll Deduction / Direct Deposit of $100/month or more – By enrolling in a payroll deduction or direct deposit for this amount or more, you qualify for our “6-5 Checking” offer. Offering 2 months to waive our minimum balance requirements and avoid a $5 fee. 

▲ 2 Chances at winning an extra $25
    ❐ Bill Pay & eStatement enrollment – When you successfully enroll in Bill Pay & eStatements you’re entered into our standard Go Green promo. You get two chances to win by enrolling in both of these convenient services.

Learn more about our convenient services:

Online Banking | Mobile App | eStatements | Online Bill Pay | Allpoint ATM

90 days after opening your Share Draft account, you are eligible for Remote Deposit Capture through our mobile app. Located under the Move Money symbol, members can request enrollment for approval. Members can then capture check images to deposit into their accounts. Please see our Remote Deposit Agreement here.

If the checking account is closed within 60 days, the offer can be revoked and funds removed prior to closing. Account and membership must be in good standing at the time of review for change offer to be deposited into the account. Note that some checking accounts require a minimum daily balance to avoid a monthly service fee. Please see the Truth In Savings Disclosure for more information on the balance requirements or Fee Schedule. HCFCU’s Routing Transit Number: 313083471
**Harris County Federal Credit Union reserves the right to refuse access to Courtesy Pay based on a member’s relationship with HCFCU.