New Card Breaches in the News

We are always working to keep members informed and up to date on the latest developments in payment card security and data breaches. As technology advances, so do the cons, hackers, and thieves. New ways of obtaining consumer data and payment card information continue to be identified, even with the implementation of EMV.

InterContinental Hotels Group and Chipotle are the latest to notify users of payment card breaches.

If you notice unknown charges on your credit card account call our fraud/dispute line at (800)442-4757 or log into your credit card account at To initiate a dispute for unauthorized charges on your debit card, please call (800)808-6402.

Members can monitor their statements, account activity, and enroll in text alerts or eNotices for incoming and outgoing funds, to stay on top of their financial information. Protect your account and member information from prying eyes via the internet, in person, or over the phone. Individuals looking to collect your information can try calling, emailing, skimming, or phishing, without you realizing it has occurred. Stay away from ‘sketchy’ or ‘unfamiliar’ websites, gas stations, and card equipment. Be on the lookout for devices with broken security stickers or tags. Opt out of entering your information into unknown forms or sites. Members should never ‘loan’ or give their payment card to anyone to use, allow for their payment information to save in someone else’s online account, or provide their account login information for someone to make a purchase. Giving authorization or consent to someone else could leave you and them in a bad situation.

HCFCU offers a simple way to provide funds to another through Popmoney and to protect your account information with EasyPay bill pay service. Pay all your bills in one secure, convenient, easy-to-use site. Send your friend the $10 you owe them for lunch delivery with just an email or phone number using Popmoney. Access all of these services in your It’s Me 247 Online Banking. HCFCU helps provide some extra peace of mind by offering members automatic fraud protection with account alerts, code words, and 247 monitoring accessibility.

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