Bad Moon Rising

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All new members who open their new membership with a share draft (checking) account and enroll in online bankinge-statements, and Bill Pay are eligible for a $100 deposit into their new share draft account.

HOWL AT THE MOON – recruit for the wolfpack

HCFCU Members collect this bounty! We encourage family memberships, even with the cubs. Members who refer new memberships that open during October will be eligible for an opportunity to earn up to $50! Snatch up a $5 referral bounty for each newly qualified membership joining the credit union, up to 10, and enter for a chance to win an additional $50. All our alpha recruits gain up to 10 entries to the drawing, ten chances to win $50, while earning $50 for the referral.


Trade-in your high-rate loans from the BLOODSUCKERS for Fang-Tastic savings with HCFCU! Earn a treat this October with an additional way to save. Lower your interest rates being paid to the other guys by refinancing with HCFCU! Get .25% off our regular rates, joined with our relationship pricing to offer a full .55% off for all vehicle loans closed in October.

Every new vehicle loan, including motorcycle & home equity loans closed during October, will be entered to win $200! If we can’t help you save, or offer a better rate than the other guys, we’ll treat you with a ‘future’ loan rate discount good until the end of the year & enter you for a chance at $100.^

^ It must apply for a loan and review with loan officers noting the inability to ‘beat’ the other guy’s rate or save money by offering a lower monthly payment or saving money over the life of the loan term. The current lender’s rate, vehicle payoff, and the loan term information must be provided to your loan officer. Please note looking for refinancing on the loan application & reason for applying is “Promo Offer.” Rate discounts offered are .25 off will be valid for new loans closed until December 31, 2020.

Social Sharing via Instagram & Facebook

2020 Social Share Bingo! Members can download the Bingo Card from social channels or the website. They must mark-up or modify the original image to indicate at least 2 Bingo Lines to claim entry. Obtain a full blackout for the maximum entries into the drawing.

Members can enter by sharing a completed card on Social Media & Tagging two friends; Alert 2 friends about the contest by tagging them on the original HCFCU Social posting; Complete 2-lines or more in a row or column.

Enter by posting on Instagram & Facebook only; other types of entry will not be valid for the drawing.

General Terms & Conditions

To be an eligible member for any drawing with the credit union your membership must be current, up-to-date, and good standing. All members must be over the age of 18 unless otherwise stated to qualify. All volunteers, employees, staff, and family members of the credit union team or volunteers are not eligible for any HCFCU drawing unless otherwise stated.

Membership Referral Offer:

    • Must be 100% new; reopen, or former nonmember does not qualify.
    • Members can not refer themselves or be a joint owner on the new account.
    • New members must mention referral or current members at the time of account opening.
    • Referring member receives a bonus in their membership account after the new referred has open successfully.
    • Entry to drawing period ends October 30, 2020.

New Membership Offer:

  • New memberships qualify per reporting, including open a checking account and successful enrollment in HCFCU Bill Pay. All items must be complete before October 30 to be eligible. A qualified selection pool of members compares all new monthly memberships, share-draft accounts, and bill pay enrollments.
  • The winner will be selected by November 6, 2020, and notified via email or phone number about the deposit winnings.
  •  One winner of a $100.00 grand-prize will direct post to the member’s primary account.
  • All qualified entries must be over 18, accept terms & conditions of drawing, including all standard HCFCU terms and conditions applicable to services.

Treat or Trade Loan Offer:

  • All members who close on their home equity, new auto, used auto, or motorcycle loan before the end of business on October 30, 2020, will automatically be entered to win $100. All individuals who open their new loan due to “Promotional Offer” reasons & can refinance a vehicle with HCFCU will qualify for a chance to win $200. All individuals who open their HCFCU loan due to “Promotional Offer” because we beat the other guys (proven) offer will qualify to win $200. All members of HCFCU who applied for a potential refinance due to the promotional offer, but we were unable to “save” by refinancing, will be entered to win $100 & can extend the promotional rate offer until year-end, 12/31/2020.
  • Winners will be notified by email or phone to alert the depositing of funds into their savings or checking with the HCFCU account by November 15, 2020.

Social Sharing Rules:

Entry submission must occur before the period closes on 10/31/2020. Each completed line = 1 drawing entry, max ten entries; Odds of winning depend on the total qualified entries. Method of Entry: Submitting a bingo card with at least two rows completed; Tagged two friends in the original social posting of the contest; Shared Completed Card on Social Media & Tagged two friends; or submitted a blackout bingo card. Qualified Entry: Members qualify by verifying the proposed bingo blocks; username or relevant information should be noted on the submitted bingo card where necessary for verification. Members products & service enrollments will be verified, fans, reviews, & subscriber information must be completed before the contest entry period ends. A Kid’s Treasure account is only available for members under 18, usually requiring an adult secondary. To qualify for the F1 square, the individual must list as a secondary on the account.

Notice to Qualified Entries: Most squares require an HCFCU product or service. Individuals who are nonmembers & qualify for membership could complete enrollment to qualify blocks before the entry period ends. Some items, such as a mobile deposit with the HCFCU app, will be unavailable to new members, limiting max entry to 9.