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Updates: Coronavirus

As the guidance from public officials continues to evolve, so must we. In an effort to further control the spread of COVID-19 within our community and continue to provide for the health and safety of members and staff, we have made the difficult decision to close our lobby operations effective Thursday, March 19th, until further notice. Rest assured, our team members will still be here to serve your financial needs. We will transition all teller transactions to our drive thru^ and will be accessible to members for member service and loans via our online, mobile, email, and phone channels. 

We encourage you to contact us via email, phone, or using the tools found at Our branch and call center staff will be available during regular business hours for your convenience. You may also access your membership through our many eServices. This closure will impact certain in-person services such as instant issue debit cards, some wire transfers, notary services, and new memberships, and we are currently working to develop options to minimize that impact. Please contact the credit union to discuss alternatives for in-person services. To keep you informed as operating plans shift, please confirm your contact information is up to date. 

As we all adjust to these temporary changes, please begin accessing these standard services as outlined below:

  • Deposits – Cash/Check deposits at our drive-thru and two convenient night drop locations; Check deposits also through our mobile app (eligibility and transaction limits apply)
  • New Loans and Credit Limit Increases – Apply online and sign digitally
  • Disputes/Fraud – Visit the Fraud Prevention & Disputes page under the Resources tab
  • Account Changes – Contact us, use the online form, or phone
  • New Accounts* – Contact us, use the online form, or phone
  • Account Information – Online Banking, Mobile App, Text Banking, Audio Response, online contact form, or phone

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to maintain service to members in keeping with our star quality service standards. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as the situation warrants. 

We’re all in this together. Please make sure you are receiving your information from reputable sources like and heed the advice of public officials as we work to #flattenthecurve. Stay healthy, Harris County!

^We ask that members with no vehicle, please refrain from using the drive-thru for safety reasons. Members may contact the credit union to arrange additional access options.   

*This depends on the signature card on file and has certain limitations. Please contact us to find out more. 

HCFCU continues to monitor the latest updates regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). In order to protect our staff and community, we’ve taken additional safety precautions in our lobby area. Our team works to keep public areas disinfected, as we remain committed to providing uninterrupted service. Rest assured, your money will continue to be just as safe and accessible as it always has been.

While we are always glad to see you, we feel it is prudent to begin limiting the number of members in the lobby at one time to 10, based on guidelines set out by the CDC. To avoid delays, there are numerous ways to access your membership without visiting the lobby such as, online banking, the HCFCU mobile app with mobile deposit, audio response, 2 night drop locations, and our drive-thru. Our drive-thru is open from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and the entrance is on the La Branch side of the building. You can also visit any of the 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs for your cash needs.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding as we work to protect the health and safety of our community.

While COVID-19 presents an evolving challenge, our team is monitoring, preparing, and taking actions daily to keep business moving as usual while still providing a safe environment for staff and members. We are also doing our part to slow the transmission and ‘flatten the curve’.

Since the virus recently emerged, there is currently no treatment, vaccine, or immunity available. There are only remedies to help alleviate the symptoms presented by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and ways to help you avoid contracting. Here are a few helpful hints when it comes to staying smart and safe!

  1. Don’t panic, be alert, & courteous to your fellow neighbors.
  2. If you’re sick with a fever, or ‘feel bad,’ then STAY HOME! Even if you think it’s just allergies or the ‘common’ cold. It could be ‘just the flu,’ or it could be worse.
  3. Do not leave home unless necessary.
  4. Avoid touching your face and wash your hands thoroughly and often. 
  5. Practice good health care, such as coughing and sneezing into your elbow area, or inside of your clothing. Avoid sneezing/coughing into the open air to reduce the travel distance of particles.
  6. Replace in-person meetings with video chats, phone calls, emails, or other forms of digital communication. If you can work from home, speak to your employer about allowing remote work.
  7. Avoid public gatherings or social areas, including concerts, churches, bars, movies, outside events, and private parties. Hosting gatherings with a large number of people in the tightly confined area of your home defeats the purpose of canceling school or other large festivities.
  8. Practice social distance, and this includes avoiding handshakes, hugs, kisses, and face touching. Leave a ‘comfortable’ space between you and the next individual in line, while seated, or while walking.
  9. Avoid public transportation, public parks, or other open type venues that are shared by the masses. If you are unable to avoid these, be sure you’re practicing good health care and wipe down any surfaces or immediately wash your hands before touching any personal items that might go near your face, like a cell phone.
  10. Take part in curbside and drive up, pick up services from your local stores, along with delivery or drive-thru options for restaurants.

Last but not least. Have patience. Your retail workers are working overtime to help assist in the latest increased demand for products, but it is not their fault that the manufacturer of said product is not able to keep up with the demands. There is no need to overbuy items. You will not be able to sell these online and you might miss your window of opportunity to return them. If you found that you did overbuy items, please consider donating them. Precautionary steps have already begun here at the credit union and throughout the county.

With the advancements in technology and the kinship of the world, there are ways to continue with the everyday business but maintain a limit on your social interactions and slow down the spreading of ANY illness.

Here are some additional safety measures from the Red Cross regarding the Coronavirus.

An additional concern is workplace mental health, here is an article from our ally for Financial Education, EverFi.

Annual Meeting Update

We’re closely monitoring the latest about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and recommendations from public officials. We’re doing all we can to make sure our branch is open and available to our members. We’ve had no confirmed cases, or any reports of anyone infected visiting the branch.

Based on current health concerns in the City and County related to the Coronavirus, and public gatherings, we will temporarily delay our Annual Meeting, initially scheduled for March 25th. We hope to select a new date soon and will keep members updated.

You do not have to come downtown to access your account. With online banking and our mobile app, you can make transfers, check balances, and pay bills with It’s Me 247! We want you to have confidence that we’re virtually anywhere with our mobile app, Allpoint ATM network, and the Co-Op Shared Branch network. Should you need help signing up or have questions about our remote features, please feel free to visit our eServices section or give us a call at 713-755-5160.

We will continue to monitor developments and recommendations from public officials. Also, please be sure to stay home if you are not feeling well. If you experience symptoms consistent with the Coronavirus such as fever, coughing, and trouble breathing, please seek medical advice.