Annual Meeting Update

Our virtual Annual Meeting is nearing! We will host everyone virtually on March 24th, beginning at 6 PM. We’re very excited to share with you all we’ve created for this virtual event and look forward to connecting with everyone virtually.

Our Virtual Annual Meeting is almost here! Members can log in to the meeting hall at 6 pm on Wednesday, March 24, to watch our live stream session. All members 18 and older who attend the meeting are eligible for prizes, including some live giveaways during the meeting. All giveaways will require verification by contacting the credit union prize desk. Our youth members, ages 13-17, will also have opportunities to interact with the live stream meeting.

Members, primary and joint owners, will log in using their first and last name, primary members’ zip code, and a unique password (PID). Your 8-digit PID is the last 5 of your SSN, 1st initial of your first name (uppercase), & 2-digit birth month, i.e., 99999G07. The assigned PID information can be verified using your most recent bank statement, online banking message center, or audio response messages.

During the live stream, members can respond to polls or questions for a chance to win! All primary and joint members, 18 and over, logged on using a separate device, are eligible for entry.

Members should check their current statements and online banking personal profiles to verify their membership information is up to date. It is important to verify your primary and joint owner profiles for accuracy, including date of birth and social security numbers.

Contact the credit union to reset your access to online banking or audio response.

Questions? Visit our Annual Meeting page for details.

Virtual Meeting Terminology Guide 

  • Attending: logged in to the website You are in the meeting hall, signed in with your login credentials, starting at 6 pm.
  • Checked In: you entered your login credentials to see the ‘meeting hall’ sometime between 6 pm & before the meeting’s official end.
  • Call to Order: a statement made by our chairperson to officially start the meeting.
  • Call to Vote: member vote. A pop-up from the meeting hall website will ask you to respond anonymously. Aye or Nay!
  • Door Prize: all members who ‘check-in’ and ‘attend’ the meeting enter to win one of our many general prizes.
  • Motion to Adjourn: a statement made to close the meeting officially. This does not mean the live stream will end or that there are not additional messages to our audience.
  • Members: all HCFCU members 18 and older holding a share of the credit union as a primary or joint owner.
  • Poll Question: a survey-type question will present during the live stream video. Be ready. You will need to ‘comment’ using the box in the meeting hall to contact the moderator with your answer.
  • Youth Members: all members between the ages of 13 through 17 for our online virtual meeting.