Virtual Annual Meeting Announcement

Our annual meeting will be held virtually via live stream session, due to ongoing limitations on large gatherings. All members who attend the annual meeting will have an opportunity at cash prizes and more. Members looking to participate in some virtual fun, on Thursday, August 27, 2020, at 6:00 PM, will visit our annual meeting web page to log in with their full name (first and last), 5-digit zip code, and a password.

This password, or personal identification (PID) code, will help identify that you’re our member and the correct Mrs. Jones! Only members 18 and over, who hold a share of the credit union may log on or be eligible for the attendance prize drawings. This includes joint owners and primary owners with a par value of $5 and does not include beneficiaries or any member-owners under the age of 18. Our members’ age 13 through 17 can join in the fun with the live stream for an opportunity at their own giveaway. Youth members should check their email or online banking messages.

Members who purchased dinner plate tickets may receive a refund by returning their tickets to the teller line by visiting the lobby or drive-thru. Refunds for tickets purchased will be offered through August 24th. Ticket proceeds that are not refunded to members will be donated to the Houston Food Bank along with a matching donation from the credit union. Any members who purchased their tickets online and did not pick up their tickets, or opted for meeting pick-up, will receive an automatic refund to their account.

Members should visit their online banking personal profile and verify their membership information for accuracy. Please confirm your information, such as date of birth, social security number, email, and mailing address, are all correct, including information for joint owners on the membership!

As the date nears, visit for more information. Contact us to enroll in online banking access or to reset your audio banking passwords call us at 713-755-5160. We will provide additional information for this password (PID) via secured methods of contact as the date nears.