8-Character Password Requirements for Online/Mobile Banking

Attention HCFCU Online and Mobile Banking Users!

We want to inform you of an upcoming change to password requirements when signing into It’sMe247 and mobile banking. This change is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the security of your online banking accounts and protect your personal and financial information. Longer and more complex passwords significantly improve the security of your accounts. Unique, longer passwords are much harder for cybercriminals to guess or crack, thus providing an added layer of defense against unauthorized access.

Beginning May 20th, 2024, it will be required to update your online and mobile banking password if it is currently 6 characters or less. The new requirement will be that your password is at least 8 characters long. If you are already using a password that is 8 characters or more, a password change is not necessary or required.

You will be allowed three attempts to enter your password correctly. If you are unsuccessful after three attempts, you will need to contact HCFCU to have your password reset. In the event that you cannot recall your password after two unsuccessful attempts, you may initiate the password reset process by clicking on the “forgot password” option and providing accurate answers to your security questions.

Mobile Banking App Instructions:

It’sMe247 Online Banking Instructions:

This change helps better protect your personal information and HCFCU is here to help support you in this process. If you have questions or require assistance, please contact us at 713-755-5160.